Doug Cutting talks about open source search engine Nutch

On the website I found an interesting lecture by Doug Cutting on Yahoo (former Xerox Research):”Experiences with the Nutch search engine“. He talks about open source and search engines with Lucence, Nucth and Hadoop as examples. If you’re interested in knowing more about using Nutch I highly recommend this talk, lecture, speech or whatever you want to call it.


Steve Smith on SEM in Econtent

Some quotes from Steve Smith in his column Follow the money in Econtent March 2007 Vol. 30 Iss. 2:

“Buying traffic is the easy part. Keeping those eyeballs is where things get dicey… The problem with buying traffic from search is that unless you have a strategy for converting those new users into brand loyalists, you will find yourself repurchasing that eyeball again and again. Maybe that is good for ecommerce, but it seems to me a disastrous strategy for content…”

“…the smart SEM strategy always combines with good SEO. You learn from the successful keywords you buy in order to optimize the page and get those same results free from organic search the next time. But that stratgey, while less costly, still keeps a site addicted to the new opiate of content, search”.

IAfinder finds information on information architecture, usability, interaction design, webdesign via Google

I’ve been playing around with Google co-op and built a search engine specialized on information architecture, usability, interaction design, webdesign which I call IAfinder. If you find irrelevant pages I should exclude or you have suggestions of webpages or sites I should include, just write a comment.

Google Custom Search
Update: I’ve pasted the code without javascript from Google co-op but it still don’t work properly. I use wordpress free blog service. Strange that it works with co-op on our own set up of wordpress at Internetbrus. Anyone with a clue? Meanwhile you can try IAfinder here.