Springer sponsoring reference manager website CiteULike

Just read that Springer is sponsoring online reference manager CiteULike and no one could be happier than me. I’ve used CiteULike since sometime in the beginning and though we have online reference managers like EndnoteWeb and Connotea I’m still a frequentley user of CiteULike. Yes, I use Endnote as a client sometimes but I like storing my things on the web and EndNote Web still haven’t made me happy.

I had some trouble with BibTex import this spring and I tried to find a contact e-mail address and it was totally impossible. I found an address at last in my e-mail history, because a couple of years ago I had a support mail issue I got a fast answer to from the founder. No, I did not get an answer this spring and I have been worried the last half year what would happen to CiteULike?

That’s why I’m very happen to see Springer sponsoring CiteULike. So, what do I expect from this partnership:

I want an answer to why I can’t import BibTex?

I want more support of importing references from publishers like Wiley.

And if I can be a bit visionary I want CiteULike to get all this kind of features Zotero has like storing screen shots and so on. Zotero is not an anvanced reference manager like CiteULike.

I also want it to be possible to import and store social bookmarking links from Del.icio.us and have a an update function from Del.icio.us to CiteULike. Like Nsyght does with Del.icio.us.

And think if it would be possible to export (send) selected references from CiteULike to an open format for students books lists and get them verified by a local OPAC or database or Library of Congress catalogue to get them published on university courses websites.

Could you fix this Springer by the end of the next quarter, please! ;-)