Session “Open document formats” at Internetdagarna, Sthlm, 2006

At the session “Öppna dokumentformat (eng. open documents formats)” [PDF] 13.40 Tuesday 24 October Predrag Mitrovic from Microsoft talked about “Open document formats adds value” and the standard Open XML which Microsoft created and wants ISO certified as open office ODF. Predrag meant that the market will decide which format to support. He thought that open XML formats is the future. Nice to hear from a MS guy. But this doesn’t necessarily means open office will be more used than MS.

16 May 2006 Matt Mondok at M-dollar wrote that Gartner Analysts predicts that the ISO certifiaction of ODF lower’s openXML hopes for certification. He also says:

“Nevertheless, ODF’s standardization doesn’t mean less Microsoft Office customers. Earlier this month, the OpenDocument Foundation, Inc. released the ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office. The ODF Plugin has been seen by many as an advantage to Microsoft because companies can still use Microsoft Office while leveraging the ODF format”.

By the way, Predrag looks like a mix of Tommy Körberg and Gerard Depardieu;-)

At last Predrag mentioned this developer website:

Jonas Öberg from Freesoftware foundation had a talk with the title: “Esperanto för datorer (eng. Esperanto for computers)” [PDF].

It demands a very strong will to make open standards to work! We must reduce the economic incitements for private participants. Jonas encouraged users to not use software that don’t implement use of open formats.

A format is about how something is stored and transfered. If we know how the format looks like we can read the information and take part in the communication. A standard is an agreement between several parts to use the same format and that increases the value of the format and allows exchange between different systems.

Format focuses on data and information and standard on systems to work together. Open formats or standards can’t permit patents to limit dissemination. Anyone should be able to copy, distribute and use the format specification without cost.

Standards should be established and maintained of an organisation that permits all interested parts to participate in an open process of decisions. As customers we must demand for open standards and formats.

Karl Wessbrandt from Verva [PDF] also talked about open documents within the authorities