Mobile Web for everyone?

Mobile Web

Hey there Mr Agent and Mr Oilking. Ever heard about the Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons called Wmlbrowser and Small Screen Renderer? Or GSM or 3G?


Anna Grandt from mobile operator Three interviewed by Computer Sweden

“It’s not feasible just to take your web page and shrink it. You have to rethink your whole website for the mobile screen”

Said by Anna Grandt, manager of Design and Interaction at swedish mobile operator Three, interviewed in Computer Sweden Monday 12 March.

“There are always more to do. That’s the awesome part of all this. After launching a new service it would be dull if it worked like: well, it’s finished, nothing more to do. But that’s not the fact, actually”.

“Communities is that kind of service people spend a lot of time on. It’s definitely something emerging. We have begun to work quite a lot with different web communities. Both locally here in Sweden and global. The community is that kind of domain where small spare moments are central. You often want to connect several times a day for just a moment and look up answers on your postings or if someone visited your page”.

“I think we’ll see another type of behavior when writing e-mails with abbreviated words like SMS. It will become more important to notice when an e-mail is written in a mobile. If I send a shortened e-mail because it’s written in a mobile it could be understood as me being not in mood. If it’s something in the message indicating it’s mobile, users will get a much better understanding of why the e-mail is brief”.

When pointing out a favourite mobile site she answers Aftonbladet:

“You can spend a much longer time with their service then with similar services”.

Conference on mobile learning in Australia

MLearn is a conference with aim to promote the development of mobile learning. It will be hosted here in Australia between 16-19 October 2007, in Melbourne. Here’s a brief conference description:

This conference will appeal to a wide range of audiences who are interested in enhancing learning, designing content and developing systems for mobile devices and wireless networks.

Will the libraries be there?