Afterthoughts from EAHIL june 2008 in Helsinki, Finland.

Just some following up to my speech at EAHIL and other EAHIL thougths. You’ll find my 15 minutes speedtalk at Slideshare: “Is there a mobile challenge for the libraries?“:

I was told afterwards I did a “american failure”. I didn’t discover it myself you see. In Sweden at least our view of americans are they do not know anything about geography outside the States. It refers to a documentary TV clip from the late 70’s or early 80’s at the swedish DDR-public-service-television (at that time we just had two channels) where a middleaged lady pointed out Sweden on the map, but pointing to Iran.

I apparently pointed out Austria Czech at slide 5 and saying Germany and making Oliver Obst confused. It wasn’t one of my “Borat way of jokes” ;-) Maybe it was the light, maybe it was that I’m colour-blind, they have problems with light green and dark green I think. No, I’ll stop with finding excuses here.

It felt like I was running 100 meters trying to hold the time of 15 minutes and also trying to say something at least half-clever at the end. With that stern but justifying look of EAHIL-evalutor of Eva Alopaeus keeping track on me and my statements or whatever that gang of evaluators are happen to evaluate ;-)

Thanks to you listeners. The interaction from you during and after my talks are one the most important parts for me. I will try to keep on as long as you don’t throw tomates at me. (Implicit: It’s the only way to get rid of me).

And, Elisabeth Husem, chairman for that track of the Mobile Web, I will strive to hold the time in the future also. I also just happened to find som new figures on PC:s existing in the world 2008 and mobile subscribers in the world August 2007, rather than that older figures mentioned in my abstract.

Well, I maybe hadn’t that exhaustive answers to your questions afterwards, but I didn’t want to infer on my followers time and I was just exhausted in that bunker. Next time I will demand for a microphone attached at my ear and not like that singsong microphone. I mean I’m no singer as you may did discover. It’s not that I don’t like microphones, I just like similar to italians to wave my hands freely. In a non-typically northern Sweden-way.

We did chat some at the check pub near the railway station saturday afternoon and “Eureka”, I had my new title for the call of papers of some cosy librarian conference: Could men get pregnant? – information use and critical appraisal in medical librarianship. If you steal the title I already have a patent licensed as number 6,7677678688768,876876768768,76767868,76876786 in Über States.


Doug Cutting talks about open source search engine Nutch

On the website I found an interesting lecture by Doug Cutting on Yahoo (former Xerox Research):”Experiences with the Nutch search engine“. He talks about open source and search engines with Lucence, Nucth and Hadoop as examples. If you’re interested in knowing more about using Nutch I highly recommend this talk, lecture, speech or whatever you want to call it.