Amarok 2 gets video support

On my Linux laptop Amarok is my first chocie for listening to music, which unfortunately isn’t to often these days. I love it and know they also have built in video support in Amarok 2. But Mark Kretschmann says it’s only meant for watching music videos, because their intention is not to be yet another movie player for linux.


Richard Stallman and his view on freedom of the press

I just read an interesting column by Lars Danielsson in Computer Sweden today 14 May 2007. He was planning an interview with Richard Stallman, founder om gpl, and other things. But Stallman made demands that CS had to use the word GNU/Linux instead of Linux and not to use the concept open source. That to show Stallman works with free software. Journalist Danielsson says he of course could quote his opinions on this concepts, but to push him as a journalist to use not generally accepted concepts is nothing but “manipulation”, according to Danielsson. I do agree! Cred’s to Danielsson and Computer Sweden.

More tutorials on image editing software GIMP

Found some more tutorials showing how to use the free open source image editing software GIMP. One is called and includes for example textual tutorials like how to remove red eyes in photos. The website is maintained by Eric R. Jeschke and though the last news post is from May 16 2006 and the front page is last modified May 17 2006 the tutorials seems adequate.

The other GIMP tutorials are interactive screen casting videos (think it’s produced with Camtasia) and in Swedish. The tutorials are produced by Håkan Källqvist, an art teacher and working for The National Resource Centre for Educational Media (swe. Multimediabyrån) at The Swedish National Agency for School Improvement (swe. Myndigheten för Skolutveckling). Thanks, Håkan!

Video tutorials for free image editing software GIMP

GIMP is a free image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, but they call GIMP an image manipulation program. GIMP works for a lot of operating systems like Mac, Windows and Linux but also FreeBSD and Solaris. I found some video tutorials for GIMP of different quality of course.

One is: “How To Make A Userbar In GIMP” It’s uploaded on Google Video.

You have some quicktime video tutorials on Gimp “Creating a Graduated ND-filter“, “Creating water drops“, “Full flare control” and “LAB color boost“. All video tutorials published at the blog SVDV-Photography.

You also have some video tutorials on GIMP at Totally 11 tutorials about all from installing GIMP to using Bezier tool, selection tools, transform tool, zoom, move, crop, layers etc.

There are more video tutorials out there. You can point out the more qualitative ones here by doing a blog comment.

Screencast software for Linux Ubuntu

I use the screencast software Camtasia at my windows-hypnotized job. I looked for same kind of software for Linux Ubuntu and found this blog post Finally! Howto Screencast on Linux. The blogger says Wink gets more and more outdated and Istanbul is crashing on Ubuntu and he’s not either satisfied with xvidcap. Now, he suggets Recordmydesktop instead. Ubuntonista suggests ffmpeg in his blogpost. Here is a list of screen cast software for different OS at Wikipedia. Readers, what’s your experience of screencasting with Linux Ubuntu software?