About Nowhere North

This blog was set up by Lars Iselid in september 2006 primarily for documenting my visit to Eahil conference in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It’s my working blog where I post about things related to internet, search engines, information and library science (LIS), conferences etc

I’m a librarian working at the Umeå University Library, North of Sweden. I’ve been there since 1994. From 1996-2008 I was working at the Medical Library. From December 2008 I work at the Digital Library Department with web and intranet development. From 17 may 2010 until 31 may 2011 I’ve been working as an information architect at Teknikhuset AB. Since 1 June 2011 I work at the Digital Department, Umeå University Library again.

I also have a consultant business called Iselid Info. I do presentations in Sweden, but also in Norway and Finland. The EAHIL talk in Romania 2006 was my first outside nordic countries.

I also write articles and books. For example I have co-authored a students book on searching the Internet called Informationssökning på Internet. The 2nd edition was published autumn 2008. 2010 I co-authored a book in english about news searching: News Search, Blogs And Feeds.

My CV (Curriculum Vitae)

2012 January Author scholarship from Swedish photo copying funds for printed teaching aids copied in Sweden.
2011 1 June Back as librarian at the Digital Library Department, Umeå University Library.
2010 17 May-2011 31 May Information Architect, Teknikhuset AB.
2010 Co-author of “News search, blogs and feeds” at Chandos publishiing in Oxford, UK.
2010 Awarded Information specialist of the Year in Sweden.
2010 English book published at Chandos in Oxford, UK: News Search, Blogs And Feed.
2009 Book contract with foreign publisher.
2009 January Author scholarship from Swedish photo copying funds for printed teaching aids copied in Sweden and Norway.
2008 December “Tekniken bakom språket” is published at Norstedts where Lars Våge and Lars Iselid has written the chapter: “Att söka information på Internet”.
2008 1 Dec Changing office from Medical Library to Digital Library at Umeå UB main library.
2008 August-2010 16 May Digital Library department, Umeå University Library.
2008 Published a revised edition of the swedish book: “Informationssökning på Internet”.
2008 Published my first article in a scientific journal: Web of Science and Scopus: a journal title overlap study. Co-authored with Ylva Gavel.
2006 Jan-Mar, June, Aug One Entry to Research, BIBSAM-funded, Project Manager.
2003 Published the swedish book: “informationssökning på Internet” with Lars Våge and Hercules Dalianis.
2003 The business Iselid info is started.
2001 Started swedish search engine blog Internetbrus.com with colleague Lars Våge.
1999 Swets Travel Scholarship for visiting Search Engines Meetings 2000, Boston.
1998-2000 Webdirectory for the Year of the Brain, Project Manager.
1996 January-2008 August Medical Library, Umeå University Library.
1994 January-1995 December Interlibrary Loan deparment, Umeå University Library.
1992-1993 The Swedish School of Library and Information Science, University college of Borås.
Aug 1989 – May 1990 Museology, Arts History, Ethnology at Umeå University.

From press

Googles växande informationsmakt oroar i Rapport nätupplaga 17 maj 2011.

Google inte bra på allt i Österbottens tidning 8 november 2009.

Google og bibliotek [PDF] i Bibliotekaren nr 12-2005.

Säkrare nätfiske med olika redskap i Vertex nr 3-2003.

Hitta rätt på Internet i Bulldozer.nu 2002-09-22

My travels


US (Boston) (2000), Iceland (2000), Belgium(1995), Norway (1990 first time, then several), Finland(1969 first time, then several), Denmark (1989 first time, then a couple), Germany (1989, 1991, 2000, 2014, 2016), Netherlands (1991, 2000), Hungary (1989, 2015), Slovenia (1989), Austria (2007), Croatia (1989), France (1989, 1991), Spain (1991, 2009, 2015, 2016), Portugal (1991, 2009), Greece (1997, 2008), Cyprus (2004), Malaysia (1994), Indonesia (1994), Singapore (1994), Romania (2006), Slovakia (2007), Great Britain (2001, 2004, 2005), Turkey (2014).


2 responses

  1. Hello Lars, I belive this message could be of your interest and also of interest of your readers:

    This is to announce that live videobroadcasting covering the programme of the INFORUM 2007 conference on electronic information resources will be available at http://www.inforum.cz/en/videobroadcasting/ this year.

    INFORUM 2007 keynote and guest speakers: Peter Jacso, Peter Godwin, Guus van den Brekel and Zinaida Manzuch.

    In case of videobroadcasting, you could choose between the original commentary of the speaker and its simultaneous interpretation. The official languages of the conference are Czech and English.

    These sessions will be videobroadcasted:
    Conference Opening
    New Technologies and Tools for Electronic Information Resources and Services
    European Digital Library and Similar Projects Worldwide
    Electronic Information -New Solutions for Traditional Approaches
    Web Search Update and World 2.0
    Managing Effective Access to E-resources
    Conference Closing

    The project is implemented by the Ikaros professional electronic journal http://www.ikaros.cz in cooperation with organisers of the conference – Albertina icome Praha and University of Economics in Prague and kindly supported by these companies: Cosmotron http://www.cosmotron.cz and Blackwell Publishing http://www.blackwellpublishing.com/. Technical support is provided by CESNET.

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