Dismiss deck.ly and other 140+ characters cheaters

I’ve used TweetDeck for Twittering for a quite longe time and since TweetDeck introduced deck.ly for tweet cheaters that can’t stay within 140 characters limit my irritation has grown exponentially. I Googled if someone else was upset and found the blog post “How to disable Deck.ly in TweetDeck“:

“As a writer (or at least someone who likes to write), the beauty of Twitter was the challenge of getting your point across in 140 characters or less. Sure, there are times when I need more than 140 characters to express myself…that’s what blogs are for”.

In short, if you can’t express your thoughts in 140 characters, Twitter isn’t the right channel for you“.

Thanks for that Rich Brooks!

As Rich and also PCPro points out TweetDeck listened to the outcry and from version 0.37.3 it’s possible to disable Deck.ly from TweetDeck and Rich explains how to disable Deck.ly. But I would say that TweetDeck should go a step further and not promoting this 140+ characters cheaters. Microblogging is microblogging is microblogging is microblogging is the law of 140 characters. Or at least not making Deck.ly a default. Or do TweetDeck get paid by Deck.ly to promote this microblog 140 character cheating?