Metrics, usability testing and psychology research road to success?

Robert Hoekman, Jr, is interviewed in issue 218 of .net magazine. He’s the founder of and author of “Designing the Obvious“. He answers the question of how to get into user’s mind:

“…metrics: you can learn a lot about human behavior by looking at the factual numbers of what they’re doing”.

“…through usability testing”.

“…studying psychology”. “There are all sorts of research papers about how people act and why…”

“So between psychology metrics and usability testing you build a sixth sense about it, almost”.

Metrics, usability testing and research on psychology. I do agree but the problem is that metrics oftenly is done maybe by the SEO consultant and usability testing by the UX designer and checking up research papers in psychology was something you had time for at university. The designer, if you call him UX designer or information architect, should do a bit of all these things and if he or she gets time to complement usability testing with interviews or naturalistic observation it would be great.