Back – on the right track?

Been a long time since I updated this blog: 19 months ago. Much has happen since, I assure you. You can check my LinkedIN profile for example. Since I last wrote the blog post: “The world of non-iPhone users that suffers” I have been an iPhone user for about 6 months at my last workplace. Seems a bit strange to read that when each and every nowadays have an iPhone or att least an “app-Phone”. Yes, I know you call it smartphone. Are these smartphones always smart? Know I’m back with my untouchscreen SonyEricsson T700. Yes, it’s smaller than these app-phones but for example writing an SMS is such a pain when used to touchscreens. It also took me just 6 months to forget the usability problems I had with my T700, but now they’re back. Don’t say they are many but even few, but irksome will irk you.

So what will happen with this blog? Since I dropped updating the swedish search blog Internetbrus Twitter has been my focus communication platform mostly through Tweetdeck. I will start blogging again here but I will begin to write alternately in Swedish or English or mostly Swedish. We’ll see.