The world of non-iPhone users that suffers

Yes, I went back to Mac after 12 years separation when I bought an iMac in August this year and I’m astonished as most of my family too. So, am I becoming a Mac nerd or not? The best technical innovations simlifying my everyday digital life latest years have been Gmail and Linux Ubuntu. Yes, I know Linux on Mac is possible but I haven’t reached that “stage” yet. Though I have heard one of my colleagues experience of parallels virtualization in his Macbook.

The other day I dropped my SonyEricsson w960i in the asphalt and part of the screen became black though I can use it fairly. Reparing the display is not cheap and next step buying an iPhone is not either cheap. Yesterday, a friend not having an iPhone told me yes the interface is great but using it as an telephone making calls, iPhone sucks. This morning I read the editorial of .net magazine issue 196 and here is some sentences from Dan Oliver:

“I have a confession to make: I don’t own an iPhone. I know; it’s shocking. How can any self-respecting editor of a web design (and let’s not forget development) magazine admit to such a thing?”

I feel a bit the same. My library boss has an iPhone and he has shown me great things (though not how to call;) and when you go to all this geek conferences Mac and iPhone becomes more and more popular and loads of apps are built for iPhone, though the competitors are strong as Nokia/Symbian, Google Android also HTC. IPhone is leading the mobile web development IMO either you like or not! Okay, HTC has great interface too and before I bought my w960i I had a quite unwieldy Qtek 9090 (the former brand for HTC). I was glad I changed to a telephone small enough to hold in my hand when calling. Well, iPhone is not Qtek 9090-big but bigger than my w960i. As Dan Oliver admits concerning iPhone:

“…resistance is becoming more and more difficult”.

So, let’s see how long I can manage with my broken display and when I can’t and if I change will it be iPhone? Or some new Nokia Android on steroids?