Drupal-supporting Acquia with quadrupled customer base

Acquia, which business model is to support open source Drupal, has quadrupled their customer base in the last six months. For you who don’t know about Drupal it’s an open source CMS originally created by Dries Buytaert from Belgium. Dries got his PhD in 2008 from the University in Gent and then founded Acquia which are supporting Drupal with support and services. Dries wrote last week on his blog about Acquias business model:

“The reality is that with less than one year into the Drupal support business, it is too early for us to tell if the support business model will be viable for Drupal. We need many more customers before we’ve built a scalable business; however, the early signs are good and beat our expectations”.

I met Robert Douglass at the Swedish Drupalcamp in May and on behalf of his talk about the Apache Solr module I discussed the idea of building a meta-search (Apache Solr) module that would benefit any library on this planet using Drupal. We’ll see what happens but this year I have to launch the new Drupal web site at our library at the Umeå university with a metalib/API/Xerxes solution.


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  1. the main question is: what is acquia’s added value? and, can we do it ourselves? SMEs will not use acquia, but what is the tippingpoint for enterprises?

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