Microblogs like Twitter in organizations and enterprises

I’m working with conferences and web in a Swedish organization for information specialists: SFIS.nu and it’s an emerging debate about using social media and especially microblogs for sending out information. Last autumn at SFIS autumn conference 2008 I used Jaiku for sending out information and news about new speakers and so on. An evaluation afterwards showed that at least one person registered for the conference when getting the information in Jaiku.

The other day I read a blog post by Fredrik Wass at Bisonblog about personalization of Twitter-profiles from organization and enterprises.

His example is from Bay to Breakers in San Francisco using Twitter. Amy Johnson with the usernamne INGB2Bbreakers added him in Twitter and he also started to follow Amy. According to Fredrik the follwing twittering from Amy showed that it worked out very well to combine the organization with the person and he felt it more genuine to have contact with a real person (even if it’s hard to check the real existence of Amy). He summarizes (my simple translation;-):

“This shows how PR at Twitter should work. I as customer or just interested is twittering about the enterprise/organization. They find me and react to my message, without pushing a product. When I show my interest they have a real person answering my questions”.

I recieved a Twitter follow message from Headweb the other day.


I like Headweb. They are doing great non-DRM things and they care even for linux users. But first I thought this is just another unpersonalized Twitter-sending-out-some-stereotype-press-releases -prepared-by-a-PR-firm. But checking the Profile I got a name behind Headweb: Peter Alvarsson. No photo? Ok, it’s up to Peter, but I’m now a follower of Headweb Twitter-profile and I know I will buy something from Headweb in the future.