Leksikon.org discussed in Denmark

Jack Andersen, lecturer at Danmarks biblioteksskole, discussed in his blog in April this year the Danish free webencyclopedia Leksikon.org, on the grounds of an article published in Weekendavisen March 19-27 this year [PDF].

According to the article and Danish Wikipedia the encyclopedia is left-minded and was established by left wing parties Enhedslisten and Venstresocialisterne. They call their encyclopedia for The encyclopedia for the 21th century and explain their motives sincerely on their website: Can we trust the Internet?.

“It’s always the winners that write the history. That’s why encyclopedias nearly always are published by well-established publishers. Now where doing an exception! The encyclopedia for the 21th century is an alternative Danish encyclopedia which a bigger circuit of authors been updating since 1998”.

Jack is critizing the WA article because it seems they are assuming that encyclopedias are neutral. This is what leksikon.org says about being neutral.

“The encyclopedia is not neutral, because the neutral is not existing. Instead we try to present varoius bids and interpretations of the ideas explained. The reader doesn’t get an explanation but several. In that way it’s not dogmatic and for that reason our motto is; be in doubt of everything”.

Jack says in his blog again:

“It’s important to put the search engines, the encyclopedias and databases and their cultural context in the public eye”.

Also read the Jack Andersen column in Berlingske Tidene 26 August 2007 with title: Can we trust the Internet? Or use Google Translate for an english translation.

Leksikon.org has taken inspiration from the Norwegian encyclopedia Pax Leksikon.