Free book covers from LibraryThing

Via Betabib I found out that we now have yet another book cover service alternative to Amazon coming right from fabulous LibraryThing. They say they have one million book covers uploaded by users, but only 913,000 covers are accessible, the others being non-ISBN covers. These are the restrictions:

“You also agree to some very limited terms:

  • You do not make LibraryThing cover images available to others in bulk. But you may cache bulk quantities of covers.
  • Use does not involve or promote a LibraryThing competitor.
  • If covers are fetched through an automatic process (eg., not by people hitting a web page), you may not fetch more than one cover per second”.

But compared to the Amazon book cover service you don’t need to link back to LibraryThing. More about the cover offerings at the LibraryThing blog.