Alexander Bard on talent-generated content

At last year conference SIME 2007 Alexander Bard was talking about talent-generated content. According to Fredrik Wass at Internetworld Bard said: ”Talent-generated content is the future”.

“According to Bard we won’t have effort to surf web sites like YouTube to find good content. Instead we will trust someone who will do it for us, for example media companies and bigger players at the market with financial support”.

At the Thomas Crampton blog I also found this transcription of the interview:

Alexander: It is the guy who finds the content that gets paid.
Esther: But your friends will do it for free.
Alexander: No, they won’t do it for free. In the music industry the idea that record companies is ridiculous because I don’t have the time to go through YouTube to find the talent. YouTube is for the underclass, this is not for the mass media. Somebody has to sort out who has talent and who does not”.

The guy who finds the content gets paid? Well, librarians get paid by taxes (in most cases) and even if there are guys working as librarians (I’m one of them) most of them are females. But Bard perhaps see a future for information searching and gathering entreprenuers.