Interview with Jon “Mad dog” Hall from last year

Yes, this is an interview from last year but still interesting. Or isn’t everything older than three month just obsolete ;-) Lars Danielsson from Computer Sweden interviewed John “Mad dog” Hall, excutive director at Linux International. Here’s a short transcript from the live interview September 5, 2006:

LD:What is the single most important issue to use open source software?

JH:“Control. Control over your business, control over your software. Software used to be a luxury. People could afford not to have control over it because if the software didn’t work the way they want it to they could revert back to other methods within their business, but business is so important and software is so important in your business. You have to have control over it. You have to be able to get the fixes as you need, when you need them and not when it’s convenient for the producer of the software to create that fixes”.