Search Engines conference in Boston April 2007

Don’t forget the search engines conference Search Engines Meeting in Boston April 23-24 2007. I was there on a scholarship in 2000 when Larry Page was in a panel review with Eric Brewer from Inktomi and some others. Who remembers Eric Brewer and Inktomi today and who remembers Larry Page? ;-) I remember the Google stickers Larry Page distributed to his audience. Remember, this was a time just before the Google hype. Larry was quite, in contrary to boasting Eric Brewer, laconic but had the most listeners wanting to ask him questions afterwards. To many to getting me a chance to ask the questions I didn’t dare to ask during the panel discussion. ;-)

Since then I haven’t vistited the Search Engines Meetings conference. The 2000 conference was not splendid if I compare to others but quite interesting though. As always nice meeting other professionals. Any one who been at Search Engines Meetins conferences the latest years? What’s your opinion on the quality? I thought it was a bit to much of commercial product presentations disguised in informative conference talks.