New study on social networks use from Pew Internet Project

Pew Internet Project has released a study on use of social networks by teens. Social networks is defined as: “an online place where a user can create a profile and build a personal network that connects him or her to other users”. As most studies from Pew Internet it’s based on americans, in this case American youths ages 12-17. 55% of online teens use social networks and 55% have created online profiles. The Pew Internet study means 48% of teens visit social networking websites daily or more often; 26% visit once a day, 22% visit several times a day.

Amanda Lenharts conclusion is: 

“There is a widespread notion that every American teenager is using social networks, and that they’re plastering personal information over their profiles for anyone and everyone to read. These findings add nuance to that story – not every teenager is using a social networking website, and of those that do, more than half of them have in some way restricted access to their profile.”