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As you may have discovered I advocate the use of open source and Linux. Through Liszen, a Google co-op search engine searching library blogs, I found a blog with “…mission to introduce the value, utility, and versatility of Linux and open source software to library staff and administrators worldwide”. The blog is called Linuxlibrarian but I don’t find any information about the blogger.


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  1. Hi,

    That would be me… I was cryptic, at first, about my identity as I was working as a systems librarian and I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted work and blog intermingled. However, due to health reasons I had to leave my beloved post, and the blog’s gone on, with modifications, mainly due to the health issues.

    I was a reference/systems librarian in a suburb of Boston, MA, USA. Now I’m working very part time as an archivist for the local historical society.

    Thanks for the mention, and certainly keep the open source faith. Nothing can beat it for public access computers, and I believe it’s time has come for staff/ILS solutions.


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