Is Linux Unix?

“The differences between Unix and Linux is bigger than the similarities”

Writes Stefan Andersson from Redbridge in an article debate in swedish mag Computer Sweden from 13 December issue 126 2006.

“The Linux kernel is owned by a foundation, while the licenses of unix was soU and bought as any other product”.

“If a customer wanted to shift system 10 years ago it was an enormous project demanding new hardware, new operating system and new programs. The changed supplier could claimthat all software, for example clients, should be removed”.

“Today if the customer uses linux that shift is done easily because it’s possible to reuse hardware and most of all programs are binary compatible”.

“Customers have access to the open source and have been able to educate their own employees and develop the operating system”.

And remember “GNU’s not unix!” If you want to now more about the history of Unix and Linux I recommend the following two books: Rebel Code by Glyn Moody and The Unix philosophyMike Gancarz.