Wikipedia or NE – who’s faster and deeper?

Just read about Indian IT city number 1 Bangalore that changed name eralier this month to Bangaluru (Bangalooru), though the decision to change was taken a year ago. I searched Wikipedia for Bangaluru and found out that the name is the pronunciation in the Dravidian language Kannada. Further down in the text from Wikipedia tells:

On October 7th 2006, the Government of Karnataka accepted this resolution and decided to officially implement the name change on November 1st 2006.[5] However, the name change still has to be approved by the central government, a process that is expected to take a few months.

Searching – the Swedish national encyclopedia – returns no hits on Bangaluru but suggests Bangalore. The article on Bangalore says nothing about Bangaluru and Kannada spelling of Bangalore.

Who’s faster and deeper?