Christer Hermansson on review lists and fiction in libraries

It’s always refreshing reading the column “Inblick (eng. insight)” in Biblioteksbladet (eng. Library Magazine) written by librarian and author Christer Hermansson, even if you don’t agree or understand him. Read this translated quote:

“Not like absent-minded looking through review lists from BTJ with worthless judgments by self-satisfied amateurish critics. The librarians are still clutching the BTJ review lists tight like alcoholics hold their bottles”.

BTJ review lists are very common lists of book reviews written by underpayed so called critics used by public librarians in Sweden to figure out which books to buy.

Christer also says that librarians should be more active with marketing fiction in libraries. Last sentences of the column quoted here:

“It’s time to begin working purposeful with fiction and show the authors the respect they deserve. 96% of the Swedish authors can’t live on their authorship, according to Sveriges författarförbund (eng. Swedish society for authors), but 100% of the Swedish librarians can live on managing the books of the authors”.

Christer Hermansson is a Swedish author and has written fiction in the genre absurdism. The latest is: “Pappa Luigi betraktade mina smala handleder (eng. Daddy Luigi looked at my thin wrists)”