Wolfang Heller from Infonaut on the hunt for new trends in Chicago

I met Wolfang Heller from Infonaut for the first time earlier this autumn. I never before met a non-librarian so eagerly talking about the importance of having and finding information. He thought organizations and companies should think about the cost of not having information, not just the cost of having information.

Wolfgang is now visiting Chicago and looking out for new trends. You can read about his findings in Chicago 2006 at: wohe.blogspot.com, unfortunately just in Swedish. Here is a translation of a blog entry about the possibilities of wireless connection:

“Due to free access(!) to wireless internet connection I can report directly from here. Because my European 3G cellphone is not working in US I use my computer as a telephone. There are WiFi everywhere, so you can make calls with Skype or MSN from the computer for free. I even been checking video telephone with webcamera and it works splendid sending a live report from the hotel”.

He also mentions that Starbucks coffee has 70 hotspots in Chicago.