Opening session “The vision gets real” at Internetdagarna, Stockholm, 2006

I’m sitting here listening at the opening session “Visionen blir verklighet (eng. The vision gets real)” at the Internetdagarna (eng. Internet days) in Stockholm, 24th October 2006. Håkan Eriksson, research director and CTO at Ericsson, is talking about the three screens: plasma screen, laptop and cellphone. When you’re sitting in your sofa you want the plasma screen, when you want to work on the desktop you use your laptop and when you’re on the run you always have your cellphone in your pocket. Then it’s important to be able to move or reach data from all three screens. Further he talked about techniques behind.

Instead of Jonas Persson (he was sick) Predrag Mitrovic, CTO Microsoft Sverige, was talking. Quite new in the MS corporation, started his employment at the beginning of this year. Good speaker. Interesting content? Yes, some of it. He talked about different divisions. Their plattform services division is the solid ground. On this division they have to productivity arms: the business division for information workers and their Entertainment and devices division for digital lifestyle. Microsoft has three research labs at the US east coast, one in Cambridge, UK, and one in Bangalore and one in Peking. 7 billions USD are financing Research and Development for more than 700 employees. Predrag says MS want to develop interfaces for the whole family with broad user base and good support for 10 years forward. MS want to have search engine Windows Live as a central hub and build a services-based concept around it. Some of the big challenges he said was security (and integrity). Not strange for a MS guy to focus on that big problem for windows users (my comment when I’m blogging via my Linux OS ;-)

Predrag also talked about more relevancy when searching. Not a new issue indeed. He meant you should be able to search fast with your cell phone and get fast delivery. We need more natural interfaces and that’s why MS spend lot of money on R&D.

Geoff Huston, Chief scientist APNIC in Australia, was the third talker. Here is a short description of APNIC:

APNIC is one of five Regional Internet Registries currently operating in the world. It provides allocation and registration services which support the operation of the Internet globally. It is a not-for-profit, membership-based organisation whose members include Internet Service Providers, National Internet Registries, and similar organisations. APNIC represents the Asia Pacific region, comprising 56 economies.

Because I’m in hurry I just blog som sentences and power point notes from his speech about network and IP’s:

– What is happeing here seems happening everywhere.
– Is “convergence” still a valid concept? Bringing alltogether in a single network really a solution.
– Bittorrent has taken over the whole network!
– Overlay-based services now oen the user.
– Who really owns the user? Google, Ebay etc does.
– Forget about adding value in the network.
– The unconverged internet is vibrant etc.

All talks will be podcasted and published on the website if I’m right understood.