New version of library system Koha

Version 2.2.6 of library system Koha has been released. Koha is build upon LAMP ( (Linux, Apache, MySQL, P for PHP). Thanks for attention, Christina Svala at Uppsala university library.

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  1. Jag använder Koha för att bygga upp min sons skolbibliotek. Ett arbetet som vi utför med ett helt gäng entusiastiska föräldrar på LMG Lunds Montessorigrundskola. Vi har påbörjat inläggningsarbetet och överföringen av poster från Libris funkar bra. Vi har ännu inte testat cirkulationen.

  2. We are building up our childrens schoollibrary with Koha. The input of media is working fine and the post transmitting från Libris (the swedish system) is also working. But we haven´t tried the circulation. The school is LMG .

  3. it looks like there are now two versions of Koha, at least based on liblime’s website: Koha Classic and Koha ZOOM. I think that Koha Classic is the 2.2.6 (7?) version of Koha and Koha ZOOM is another version that has a new search component. Anyway, here’s a link to the new Koha ZOOM OPAC, which looks pretty slick (I want one):

    I used to think that OpenSource was inferior to normal software, but based on Koha, it looks better!

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