Umeå university choosing open source InfoGlue as CMS

My employer Umeå university is planning a totally redesign of their website. Lucky me they chosed the open source content management system (CMS) InfoGlue instead of proprietary Polopoly used by for example Dagens Nyheter and Stockholm university. Gothenburg university is using InfoGlue and has hired swedish company Modul1 to a lot of the programming of the modules etc in InfoGlue.

These programming efforts are now possible to take advantages of by other users, thanks to open source. At InfoGlue website there is a list of other companies, schools, universities etc using InfoGlue. If there are readers who know other users of InfoGlue, please contribute to the list.


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  1. Hej,
    I’m at Umea University working on my project ‘Open Source Embroidery’ with HUMlab. I’d like to invite you along to an ‘Open Source Embroidery Fika’ to talk about why you think Open Source is important…. See my blog for more info.
    Would be great to meet up,

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