From Windows to Linux Ubuntu

During the EAHIL conference in Cluj I talked to a romanian guy who run that company that fixed the wireless connection during the conference. He had a mac and that’s why I began to talk with him. He said that Mac is just wonderful, it never chrases and he meant never. Same with Linux. I heard these stories from many computer nerds so I’m nearly sick of it, though I believe the most of their successful scenarios with Mac, Linux even Unix.

I told him about that early 90’s I used Mac (Powerbook 100) when I was working as a freelance journalist and studying to librarian. How I switched to PC when getting that job at Umeå university library 1994. How I tried to install Red Hat (Linux) around 2000 but my screen couldn’t show all buttons and since then I never tried. I’m no Linux nerd but I think as a nevereveruser of Linux I know a lot of it by reading computermags. This summer I had to reinstall my Windows XP on my Dell Inspiron laptop after 3 years of hard use it was just a mess. After having some problem with had.dll file I just put my laptop aside and used my work HP laptop during the conference in Cluj.

Back home during a day travel to Stockholm I watched that LInux format special issue with Ubuntu CD:s. Maybe I should give it a try? Not bothering with XP anymore? I’m to tired to download an Ubuntu ISO from the internet and burn it on CD? I bought it and he first installation failed because of the partition function. Second time all went well and after installation and opening Firefox: Eureka! There is internet!! Without having to reconfigure my wireless internet I’m out there. Watch out for another Linux librarian geek ;-)

I still have XP on my job and on my home stationary, so I now got the oppurtunity to compare pro’s and con’s against LInux distro Ubuntu.