To blog or not to blog, that was a question…

During the Gala at Friday in Cluj a woman from Netherlands came and talked to me about my project blog One Entry to Research. She thought it was of big importance to keep on blogging on that subject, but as I said, because I got the question at the panel questioning: “Will you keep on updating the blog?”, I have no funding and actually no time to keep it alive. That blog was also an experiment of communicating a project with a blog. When I think on it, my experiences of that could be 20 minutes talk: “Using blogs for communication projects.”

Well, that blog will have some death throes until the end of this year because I will have some talks on it here in Sweden. Actually, I’m quite reliefed to get som air from that project also though of course I think it’s still an important subject. And because I’m doing another BIBSAM project on Interactive search tutorials. Though I’m not the project manager this time. It’s Lars Våge at Mid Sweden University Library  in Sundsvall.

Though I propose, because I want cooperation with whole library world, that EAHIL starts an evaluation board or group of people that have interest, competence and time to evaluate the products our vendors try to sell us. My first suggestion because I’ve thought (in future) on doing a project on evaluating news aggreagator and monitoring services. In Sweden we have for example Agent25 and Magenta news. In this case I don’t refer to RSS readers and that kind of services.

These companies keep calling library bosses and other corporate bosses to sell those products. Most of them are just crap and bosses keep buying them allthough because then they don’t need to do the monitoring themselves and especially they don’t need to use or employ a librarian. Much of this monitoring is not that hard to do yourself either, so somtimes register for a course is more cheap than buying those news aggregator services. So why don’t begin with this evaluatiuons beside of continuing evaluation of Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar, Windows Live Academic? So, where to get funding? European Union? UNESCO?


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