Summary of EAHIL in Cluj and farewell

Well, it’s not an easy task to summarize such a splendid conference without missing someone or something and though not boring you with an Oscar Award-speech of thanks.

I must thank you everyone who I talked to less or more or who rather came to talk with me. I hope even you who didn’t agree with my opinions in my talks or how I present them would talk to me because I think different opinions and discussion among different librarians are healthy in our field.

My main aim in this profession has always been to lift up the importance of our professional role and to extend the cooperation and exchange in the library world and specially among medical libraries. Of course in the end I hope it will promote our health care worlwide. That’s why I think it was something extra to come to Romania.

One example, as I said when I got a question, is that some people who never knew me before (a greek professor of surgery at my hospital once did) asks me if I’m a computer engineer or something like that? I don’t get irritated of that, but I think it says something of the view of the librarian profession. That’s why I really try to establish: No, I’m a librarian and it’s possible to be very computer literate and male if you’re librarian.

Well, the Gala Dinner was tremendous and as some of you may recognized I even liked to dance as many of you did. I even met more colleagues at the Gala. Some of you who planned this conference, Sally and Iona, I hadn’t so much time or occasions to talk with but I thank you for the great work you’ve done.

Even though the WLAN didn’t work properly all the time I think it didn’t disturb me that much as a laptopblogger. Though I had a cable connection at my hotel which worked splendid all the time. Thanks hotel Agape!

My only real complaint is the one of putting up power point slides on the conference website. It’s a nightmare for a blogging conference visitor if you don’t get the slides fast. Instead you must take time to ask the speaker to put them up or send them to you and if you want to blog the talk during the conference and not when you get back at work or even later it’s not satisfying. I rather do my documentation when the talk is still fresh in my head and not three weeks later. I often here from colleagues if the slides isn’t published within a day or to they don’t get back looking. Much of our findings presented on our conferences are “freshware”, that’s why it’s important to put it up in time also.

Now I read on Guus (conference speaker from Netherlands, nice meeting you) blog he suggests EAHIL to start a blog and Open Access repository for all publications, presentations, posters etc. I’m the first to sign his petition.

Well, I don’t think this will be my last time at the EAHIL conferences and of course it depends on my employer’s willingness to send me. Thanks, Umeå University Library for lettting me go there! And thanks my boss Ingrid for your care in that little aeroplane from Buda to Cluj. You know I’m afraid of flying, though I’m nearly cured nowadays.

At last to the audience at my talk on interfaces. It wasn’t my first time travelling outside nordic countries, but talking ;-) outside nordic countries. And I will try not to twist that laser eye to much at next talk.

And at really last: I hope to meet you all sometime in future at future conferences: Filip, Herve, Christina, Ingela, Katja, Artemis, Patrice, Ann, Tiina, Oliver, Guus, David, Michael, Henrik, Birgitta, Marie, Eva, Thomas, Donna, Tuulevi, you Moldavians, Arne, Benoit, retired lady from Manchester, Cambridge librarian who helped the Moldavians come to the conference etc.


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  1. So, I’m the first ! (and indeed my first post in a blog ! I hope I will do it right !)..

    Lars, that was a pleasure to meet you last week, and also all the nice people : the swedish community, people from Poland, Dutch guy from Groninguen, organizers, etc. Honnestly speaking, I was rather sceptic about blogs, initially… Now, you, Guus and Oliver have absolutely convinced me to try such services in a professionnal environment !!! C U soon !

  2. Well, your first blog post worked out fine! Yes, everyone should be skeptical to all new things even blogs, but not without trying them out first and evaluating/reading them first. Many I meet is very skeptical without as I see first visiting talks like the one of Oliver or trying to read and find blogs. I mean if there are 50 million blogs of course the most are rubbish, but finding just one or two grain of gold could be worth more than all other sources like encyklopedias or mainstream news services. My favourite for the moment are Geeking with Greg (former Amazon worker, Danny Sullivans personal blog, Gary Price And you french guysgirls have that Abondance that I try to understand from time to time ;-)

    Nice socializing with you at the conference. I can tell the readers why I met Hervé is because his very found of Scopus, and he should be, and saw my name because of my projectblog where I evaluated Scopus, Web of Science and Google Scholar.

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