On career development for librarians

Tuulevi Ovaska, library course director chief medical librarian of medical library at Kuopio University Library, talked about Possibilities of horizontal career development and changing roles of librarians afternoon 15 September at EAHIL conference in Cluj.

Are really librarians in control of the changes with in their profession?, she asked. She mentioned three types of career developments(CD): task rotation, job exchange and international mobility to improve horizontal CD. Instead of getting vertical career from staff to supervisor or head of library you should be able to develop horizontal on the staff level.

Examples are to rotate in the library or change tasks or change to other libraries, maybe also go abroad. CD requires creativity and interest, but some people just like daily routine work. Kuopio made a survey to find out the attitudes of staff members and the management of Kuopio University Library. General attitude to task rotation showed 68% were interested in it.

But all CD changes needs leadership management and support, says Tuulevi, and organization culture is not easy to change. There was a potential in Kuopio for internal task rotation in the libraries from 3 to 6 months and internal exchange for short periods less than 3 month. Though, the libraries and their management must stay in charge of the changes in our profession.

A question from the audience claiming this was a survey but have Kuopio implemented this CD possibilities in Kuopio library?

– Just in small scale some implementation in our library has been done, says Tuulevi. It’s up to the supervisors to take the opportunity, its starting but it’s going slow. Three librarians has changed job in the library.


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  1. I’m not sure what Lars means by “library course director” but I am information specialist (or chief medical librarian) in Kuopio University Hospital Medical Library which is a library for both the staff of Kuopio University Hospital and the medical faculty of the University of Kuopio. I’m also the university library’s deputy director.

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