Walking tour of Cluj

I already learnt from my travellings that England has a pub in every corner. During today’s walking tour in the city of Cluj I realized Cluj nearly have one church in every corner.

We learned about the minorities living in Cluj and Transylvania. There are a german population with about 65,000 Saxons living in Transylvania. There are also about 1,7 million Hungarians living in Romania. Our guide Rita was one of them. She is a student of archaeology. I asked Rita about the Gypsy minority which she called “Romanj”, and told her some of them go to Stockholm to beg for money in the underground. She said it was a problem all over Europe and finished the conversation. I read in my Lonely Planet book the government estimate they are about 420,000 gypsies in Romania.

She showed us the modern part with the National Theatre where the opera resides and she also showed us the older parts. Nice walk but where was that walk uphill as the conference programme promise?s: …”be prepared to walk uphill”. Though I saw in the horisont the hills. I went down to river med french Herve to see the river after the walk. Thanks Rita!