Where is the power point slides?

I asked for the power point slides but they say they won’t be published before the talk ends. Why? Answer: Someone who’s not visiting the conference will read it. My opinion: Doesn’t matter if it gets published before the talk. The freeloaders or non-travellers or what you want to nickname them will even read it after the talk.

This is not Open Access in my opinion. As soon a talk is ready just put it up as I done: www.ub.umu.se/tjanste/lais/ Just read it you freeloaders or just don’t visit my talks you attendees. The most important of a conference is not talks. Just ask a researcher. It’s networking, meeting other people.  You who read my power point, there maybe be some changes this evening. And I assure you I will tell you something more than just the things documented in my slides.

Still 15:52 I can’t find the slides at the website?