Opera at EAHIL for a newbie

This evening I heard opera live for the first time and it was a great experience, though I’m more of a soccer-poetry guy. The opera was like being part of the movie Moulin Rouge. Especially I liked the harp in the orchestra but at least I just heard it once. Harp was one of my favourite instruments when I was little due to the dumb Harpo Marx, which was my childhood hero beside of Robin Hood, Ingemar Stenmark and mum. Nice food and interesting people. But still to me Opera is just another web browser ;-)

Talked to a dutch lady in the food queue and talked to french guy Herve from Intervet in Angers, France.

I already reached the limit of photos on Flickr(arrrghh!) and they want me to pay 249$ for an upgrade. I’ll sleep on it. It’s hard being a freeloader nowadays. 

Upgrade: Yes, I did pay Flickr/Yahoo for that upgrade :-(  Yeah, Oliver you’re right. It should be 24.95$.


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