Independent agent David Charles at the exhibition

Yesterday, when getting transport to the hotel sitting in the front seat I was socializing with David Charles. First I thought he was a driver, but with that good american accent I realized he wasn’t. David Charles is an independent licensing agent for several non-profit societies in US that publish research and clinical biomedical journals. It’s about 10 publishers with about 40 e-journals. Some are high-ranked if you use the impact factor as a measure. Look at this picture:

Bild 131

Biological Chemistry and FASEB journal are two examples of journals. All his society publishers use the Highwire press interface. All journals are free after twelve months. David is a native New Yorker but lived in Paris for about 25 years. He’s an agent for India, Europe and US.

Bild 129

So, is this hidden advertising? No, David is a nice guy without a tie so of course I want to give him some publicity. And I’m not in charge of subscriptions at my library so I’m not that biassed. So, if there are other agent nice guys or women I may blog you if you contact me.


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