Friedholm talking about search engines

Friedholm Rump from Library of the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover, Germany, had a talk titled “Searchin’? Got the dot com blues?”. He showed tools like Jux2, Dogpile comparison tool, Twingine etc were you can compare results from more than one engine. Because of the results in this tools he means we should use more than one engine. He suggested and mentioned that the librarian and internet consultant Gary Price been headhunted by Ask and that’s one reason to look out for Ask. My opinion is that Ask has some great tools, for example their Smart Answers tool. He also mentioned MSN and their new Windows Live, Google of course, Yahoo, the Vivisimo meta search engine Clusty, Exalead, Gigablast but he ran out of time and did some mention of Citeulike which are one of my favourite free tools. But I don’t think he really told the audience that basically it’s an online reference manager similar to Endnoteweb and Refworks, beside of a tool for users exchanging article references for example. Unfortunately Friedholm had bad luck with the Internet connection when showing his searches live in the search engines and it’s not his fault, though I suggest he prepares with some screenshots next time. Screenshots are a librarians survival kit ;-) That’s life!


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