Brief comments on the opening ceremony of EAHIL

Now the wireless connection of my laptop works in the internet room. I also have cable connection at the Hotel Agape. Wonderful Romania! Nearly ubiquitous computing, or?

Just visited the opening ceremony. The head of the National Library of Bukarest  Peter-Adrian Mircea talked about what he said the biggest library in Romania. Before 1989 it was hard for Romania to buy foreign books because of the bad currency in Romania. At 1989 there was fire at the National Library and they lost about a half million books, manuscripts etc.

The president of EAHIL Arne Jakobsson also talked and mentioned that this conference is the first EAHIL has in East Europe and we’ll hope it’s not the last one. Arne also had a memorial talk on Linda Darlington. A brief extraction of his talk:

Our UK colleagues in particular are mourning the sudden death of one of their most respected medical librarians, Linda Darlington who died suddenly following routine surgery on 27th July this year, aged 57.

Bruce Magde from IFLA mentioned the medical libraries conference in Brisbane 2009. Yesterday at the newcomers dinner Arne Jakobsson gave me a tiny flyer and fake koala bear to hang on my shirt or something. Librarian conference marketing in the modern world, you know…